Native Son Discussion Board #2 “Flight”

Do you believe that Bigger’s acts of violence are acts of rebellion and a way of rising above oppression, or do you think they are reflex actions created by the oppression? Cite one piece of evidence from Book 2: Flight to support your answer.  Read all posts before yours and do not use the same quote as any one else.  Content and mechanics are important!


Native Son: Novel Discussion Board #1


Native Son: Part 1 “Fear”

Blacks are afraid of whites, whites are afraid of blacks, women are afraid on men, and everyone is afraid of communists.  In Richard Wright’s Native Son, no fear is as strong as the fear Bigger Thomas feels. His fear is the driving force behind most of his actions.

What do you think is his strongest fear?  Write your response below, using at least two short quotes from Part 1. You may not use a quote that another poster has already used–please be original and thoughtful!!

Please use third-person pronouns only–no first or second-person pronouns.

You must also respond to two other PRIMARY posts–you may defend, qualify, or challenge someone’s ideas and you MUST add further insight.  Don’t simply agree with what Johnny says.